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The Real Estate Marketing Academy is the most comprehensive online marketing course for real estate agents. It is the key to building a massive online profile. Not only will you learn how to market to reach more potential sellers and buyers, you will also learn how to convert more lookers to clients.

Topic OneTopic TwoTopic ThreeTopic FourTopic FiveTopic SixTopic Seven

Topic One – Protect and Prepare

  • Essential Internet Foundations
  • Clear Examples of How to Dominate The Internet
  • Why SEO Is Important – Also Search Engine Optimisation vs Search Engine Marketing
  • More On Brand Protection and Brand Reputation – Explanations and Strategies
  • What Are Keywords And How Do You Use Them – Where Do You Use Them Exactly?
  • Easy Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – Get Social Media Really Working For You
  • Why You Must Be Online
  • How To Protect Your Brand Online

Topic Two – Positioning

  • How to Claim Your Spot and Position Yourself as the Expert Real Estate Agent In Your Area
  • 10 Steps To Becoming The Expert Agent Online
  • Strategies To Niche Online To Your Exact Target Market
  • Branding for Real Estate Agents

Topic Three – Profile

  • How to do a Montage Video
  • Animoto Extra Tips and Tricks
  • How to Edit in Windows Media Player and iMovie
  • We Discuss Real Estate Web Sites In Detail – What Works?
  • How To Effectively Upload Videos to Youtube
  • We Have A Number Of Checklists To Help You Get Results
  • How To Build Your Profile – Where To Start And Who Can Help You Make It Easy
  • How to Blog – It’s Easy!
  • How to do a Flip Magazine – Impressive For Out Of Area Sellers
  • How To Build A List Online – We Explore Strategies Relating To Opt Ins

Topic Four – Pitch, Promote and Profit

  • How to Connect With Your Community – Who to Connect To
  • Ways You Can Use Video To Easily Get Listings
  • How to Create Massive Opportunities Online
  • How To Become Famous In Your Area Using Video

Topic Five - Interviews with Real Estate Experts and Online Marketing Experts

The quickest way to achieve success is to model other people who have already succeeded in doing what you want to achieve. Someone that has already worked out the best way forward and they know the steps to get ahead. It only stands to reason that with all things equal, if you do what they have done, there could be a good chance that you will also succeed. Our Boardroom Series of Interviews will help you discover many different strategies and show you the many different paths our experts have taken. This is your opportunity to learn from the masters and find out all there is to know about real estate marketing online. Our experts are located all over the world and have been handpicked for their expertise within their industry. Bonus video - This video was a public video and no way exclusive to REMA I found this video amazing - This was an exclusive sneak peek at Tony Robbins' Business Mastery event. A panel discussion with the business leaders behind today's fastest growing companies. Joe Gebbia (Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Airbnb), Melanie Whelan (CEO, Soul Cycle), Neil Blumenthal (Co-founder & CEO, Warby Parker) about Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Disruption and Innovation.

Topic Six - Real Estate Video Domination Complete Online Course

Over 30 Video Tutorials - How To Use Video Marketing to Stand Out From the Crowd.

  • Video Emails - What are they?
  • Video Prospecting - How to prospect for new clients with video
  • Video Pre–Pamps - Stand out from the crowd
  • Video Testimonials - How to obtain them and how to use them
  • Video making programs – The Platform (Computer based and on an iPhone)
  • Using iPods, iPhones and Emerging Technology - The opportunities available
  • Local Area Videos - Capitalised on your local area knowledge
  • Using Videos in Social Media - What to do and how to do it
  • How to Use a WebTV Channel - What is it?
  • Video Gifts - Go above and beyond
  • Videos in Reception/Window Display
  • Staff Profiles - Stand out
  • Sold Video Database - Build your profile
  • Video Weekly Update - Become the expert
  • Company Video - Make a Professional Statement
  • Video Campaigns - Get you videos working for you 24/7
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Become the expert
  • Video Signatures on Emails - How do you do this?
  • Gifts to Sellers on Exchange of Contracts - Wow them
  • Collect a List via an Opt In from Your Website -
  • Videos Just for Buyers - Do something different
  • Videos Just for Sellers - Stand out
  • Seasonal Videos - An excuse to market
  • Videos on Job Sites - Be Different
  • Promoting Local Businesses - Build on your network
  • Using Videos in Local Businesses - Promote your company and build your brand
  • How to do a Screen Video - So many ways to use video
  • How to Use QR Codes for Real Estate and Videos - Something different
  • Product Placement - Build your brand

Topic Seven - Bonus Material: Secret Agents PDF complete with checklists

  • Part 1: Lead Generation
  • Part 2: Online Marketing
  • Part 3: Using Technology & Social Media
  • Part 4: Your Marketing Point of Difference
  • Part 5: Video Marketing
If you join NOW you will will be upgraded at no extra cost to a VIP membership which will be current for the life of your current membership. The VIP membership includes the accountability and results program.

Join Now! $99/week for Salespeople

Weekly - $99/week
Plus $9.99 GST
Yearly - $4356/year
Plus $435.60 GST

Join Now! $99/week for Principals

Weekly - $99/week
Plus $9.99 GST
Yearly - $4356/year
Plus $435.60 GST

Join The Real Estate Hotline Today – The premier hotline for real estate agents.

The Real Estate Hotline is a place where ALL salespeople and principals can call for advice and coaching on real estate sales, listings and marketing.

Anything real estate!

We will help you to create strategies and identify the actions that need to be taken to achieve your outcomes.

Who will the Real Estate Hotline suit?

If you...

  • are feeling overwhelmed
  • feel like no one has your back and you want some support
  • need someone to cheer you on from the sidelines
  • have run out of ideas on how to get a listing across the line
  • have run out of ideas on how to get a sale across the line
  • you are building your real estate business
  • are new in real estate sales
  • need some help with your marketing
  • need to talk to someone who understands
  • want to talk strategies and real estate business
Or you
  • just want another opinion
We also have an accountability program.
  • You will commit to us every week what you are going to do
  • At the end of the month you will send your results with what you have actually achieved
  • If you haven’t achieved your targets we will see what you need to do to get where you need to be.
So... what are you waiting for?

Call us...


All calls are strictly confidential.

Real Estate Principals

If you are a Real Estate Principal and you are -
  • Wanting to implement systems in your office
  • Having staff problems
  • Wanting some business advice
  • Looking to improve your office morale
  • Looking to grow your business
  • Wanting some marketing advice
  • Looking for accountability in your office
  • Wanting to talk to someone who understands

This is a principal only membership - Your staff in the office would need to join our individual coaching to receive hotline coaching.

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This is what Denise Haynes had to say…

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