#1: Who am I and what have I done

Today I wanted to give you my background – to let you know my experience both in real estate and the online world.  

So….  I want to let you know who I am and what i ve done before you listen to anything i have to say. Mainly to make sure we are a good fit.

I started in Real Estate in the early 1990’s and I started working for a franchise before buying the business when I was about 23.  I was only in real estate for about 9 months when i took the plunge and bought the business..  I remember most people thought i would fail.  I knew I wouldn’t.  I was too determined.  I was going to make it work no matter what..

I had a few friends that were as crazy as I was,    

and seriously we worked 24 hours a day.  

They were great times..  We had a ball.

After a year of being in a franchise I changed the name of the business to my own name as I really wanted to build my profile in the area I lived in.    I was very successful at doing that.   I didn’t have the internet back then…

At that point in time we were a Ray White office  and no one in our area even knew we were a franchise. There was only one other ray white in the area.. When anyone would call, they would ring and ask for Ray….

Once I swapped to being an independent office, it gave me the inspiration to study marketing in great detail, learning from the best in the world.   I learnt how to really promote my name and my business.  

My real estate office was a great business and really was a license to print money.. Why?  Because we worked soooo hard.    We did everything the old way though…

We only had letterbox drops.. Phone prospecting, door knocking, newspapers and for sale signs.. That was about it.. It was hard and very labour intensive.

Completely different to what happens today..

When I left that office and moved to sydney, we started another real estate office from scratch in an area we didn’t know. It was scary and also really exciting at the same time.  

We would knock on doors we would chase people only to be told that they didn’t know who we were..

We were new to the area… and the owners had never heard of us…

Owners were worried about listing with us as they were concerned we had limited exposure.  

Ohhh ok.. I realised i had to build our profile online and show our experience.

I’d had over 15 years in real estate so ,,,,,,I had just about seen it all.  

I needed to be able to demonstrate my knowledge and my experience.   I needed to look like the area specialist.

I soon built an enormous presence online substantiating why our office we believed our office the best.   I used all forms of online marketing.  Video marketing – back then in 2003 hardly anyone used videos…  It gave us a massive point of difference.  

We had our company video.  Video testimonials.  Our weekly real estate update.. Interviews with local property experts.. The works.

I then built up content about the suburbs around us..what they offered.  To show people what it was like to live in our area.  

I used google ads..

I used all sorts of SEO strategies.  

It was impressive. Even if i say so myself.  

Agents started ringing me and messaging me from all over the world – asking me what I was doing and how could they do it.. It was too hard to try to explain in 5 mins.. Or even an hour.

That’s how my online courses started.    

My son was born at the same time and I also read the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss..

I could soooo relate –  that was the life I wanted ..

not the life I had before –

not the one where I was working what felt like 24 hours a day.

That’s what I wanted!  That’s what i was going to have.  

So I did it.  

I focused on how i could work less hours and have an amazing life from wherever I was in the world.     


i began to focus on how real estate agents could use some of the 4 hour work week principles.  How could i help agents have a better work balance?   

And I use all the same strategies now in my training business.  

What can i do…

I can help you with many different strategies.  I can help you with branding… I can help you become famous in your area.  

Here are Some other things I’ve done that I can help you with.  

I co-authored a book called real estate millionaire  –   that was a bestseller.   

And I also  published 2 books in 2016 that were also best sellers on amazon.   One book is called banish the bitch and bring out the babe.. And the other one is my sons book timothy john and the big green dinosaur.

I am also just about to publish another book called secret agents.  – this book is all about marketing for real estate agents.  

As far as marketing goes… I specialise in marketing for real estate agents.  I am combining my knowledge of being a real estate principal with a  long career in real estate with my long career in online marketing.  I love it.  

There are many things i can do to help you… I also set up podcasts and websites for real estate agents.

Unlike most other real estate social media and digital marketing trainers, I have implemented all of my strategies into my own businesses.  So I know what works (and what doesn’t work).  Sometimes knowing what doesnt work can be  the most beneficial

So  you don’t waste time.  

I have studied  the likes of both online and offline marketers such as Tim Ferriss,  Jay Abraham, Frank Kern and John Reece.

This has given me great knowledge to adapt and implement strategies into my own real estate businesses with enormous effect.

In future podcasts i will be sharing with you  some very critical points that will change your marketing and your business life forever.

I hope you can join me.

Lisa B. is your coach on demand
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