#2: Hack your real estate reputation with podcasts

Hack your reputation and real estate career by becoming famous in your area

Create your own podcast show –

  • Why should you as a real estate agent host a podcast show?
  • What the heck would you even talk about?
  • Why would anyone even want to listen to what you have to say?

All of this will be answered….


We all know that to be successful in real estate you have to list.  To be a good agent you have to ‘list to last’.


You have to have stock to sell..

If you can list, you will always have plenty to sell.  Listing amongst a few other things is what really sets agents apart.  

We all know that an easy way to get listings.. Is to be KNOWN as the best.  

The agent that knows what they are doing and they do it well.  

The agent that’s known to make things happen… the hard worker  –

The one that has the CREDIBILITY  the one that has the perceived  AUTHORITY

The professional.

The agent that gets the results..

The one who gets sellers and buyers calling them..  

The one that gets loads of referrals.  

And…..  we all know that this can take time-  

it can take time to build your reputation.

Now….. How do you become THAT agent fast?  Even if you are new to real estate?

What’s a real estate reputation hack ?  

There are 2 ways

and you can be either one of them or aim to end up being both.

You can become the authority in real estate by doing it.. By getting the results..

Or you can be the reporter

Report to the marketplace what’s happening in real estate and what’s happening where they live  

And here’s the thing.. You can be the reporter even if you are new to the industry …..

All you need to do is give people the information they want / need to know.

You can Interview people.   Interview people who know the area. Interview people who can give your potential clients valuable information.

And At the same time you are also learning from them.

Collect information and become the one who knows everything about your area..

Again… This is a way you can get known and at the same time build credibility even when you are new to the industry.  


If your market place doesn’t know you… you are just a number.   You are an office and that office and you are effectively part of a lucky dip..

When an owner rings for a market appraisal.. You are just a lucky dip… because they dont know you.They dont know who they are going to get.  

Make it your outcome to be the agent the owners ask for..

So….. we want YOU to become the most well known real estate agent in your area.  

In order to have top of mind awareness with your potential customers…… you have to have a brand that is welcoming

and marketing that is engaging and enticing.

And It’s not as hard as you think… …. one way you can start is by having your own real estate podcast show.

What are the benefits of having podcasts in your Real Estate business

  • It can be very cost effective
  • You will have a clear point of difference to your competitors
  • Podcasts give you instant authority
  • You will be recognised as the expert with your own real estate show on stations like itunes, Overcast and Stitcher  You can call your show XYX Real Estate Show – Or by your own name eg  John Smith Real Estate Show
  • You have instant credibility
  • itunes alone has access to over 800 million users (2013 statistics)
  • You are showing you are current with up to date marketing techniques
  • You are actively promoting yourself and your company – you are building on your brand
  • You are working on your business (not only in your business)
  • You are using keywords and helping your company be found on search engines
  • You will attract markets that you will not have attracted in any other way
  • It’s easy – some agents would love to produce video but are just too scared to get in front of the camera. Podcasts are much less threatening as you are not in front of a camera
  • You can be less formal – you will be having a conversation to your listeners in a way that is more authentic to who you are
  • Podcasts are audio only. So….. You don’t have to wear makeup, get your hair done or wear business clothes
  • You can use your podcasts as a ‘listing tool’. If you are trying to secure a listing with a potential vendor – you can offer that if they list with you, you can do a half hour podcast specifically about their property to be syndicated to 3 podcast stations. Giving them huge exposure on your website, social media channels and podcast channels
  • You can target your content to your market
  • One of the best things about podcasts is that it’s a fantastic way to repurpose your material – you have your transcript of the podcast, you have the podcast on a number of channels and you have a video.. your  material is blasted everywhere on the internet.
  • If you want to be found on page one for a topic – Google loves fresh content.

A podcast can help you have a big point of difference to your competition.

To sellers,  

all real estate agents look the same.

They all do pretty much the same things.

What do you do different?  

Where can you attract potential clients that other agents can’t?

What should you talk about in your podcast?

What are some topics you can talk about..

You can choose a theme  –

  • Top 10 tips on how to sell your home – How to choose the method of sale that’s right for you
  • Top 10 tips on how to present your home
  • Top 10 tips on how to choose a real estate agent
  • Top 10 things to do when you are buying a home
  • Top 10 tips on how much should you pay a real estate agent

You can interview industry experts under the same theme –

You are promoting local property businesses and tapping into their networks at the same time.

Interview ‘local celebrities’ – People who are well known and interesting

  • You could interview older people to get their thoughts on how the area has changed

Feature a local business at the end of every podcast.

  • You could have a paid sponsor as your podcast introduction.

Feature properties – property of the week

  • Either have a show exclusively for your property of the week or you could have every podcast end with a property of the week.

If there is something that’s happening in your area that residents need to know about –

Talk about it on your show.. eg they are proposing to close off your main street and make it a mall…

Weekly Market updates –

  • What’s happening in the market where you are RIGHT NOW?

Find some listings!  Are you looking for a certain property for a particular buyer?

  • Let your listeners know what your buyers want, they might be able to help  you find your buyers their ideal home.
  • Interview some of your buyers that are desperately looking for their ideal home.  Ask them what’s happened so far, why haven’t they found the home they love… what they are looking to buy..


Record a podcast telling everyone what it’s really like to live in your area

Do suburb profiles – highlight each suburb with what it has to offer.

Always test your results –

If you are putting out podcasts regularly and you are not getting a lot of followers, think about the following..

  • Are your topics interesting enough?
  • How do you sound?  How is your delivery?  Ask for honest opinions.
  • Have you got your podcast on a prominent location on your website?
  • Are you sending a link to your podcast out on your newsletter and property alert?
  • Are you using social media to drive traffic to your podcast?
  • Are you using hashtags, keywords etc
  • Are you running Facebook ads?

If you are satisfied that your content and your delivery is good but your aren’t getting people to your site, then you need to assess your marketing.

Why wouldn’t you want your own podcast?

Get someone to arrange all of this for you or We ll help you with everything..

Message us today at admin@dominate the

See you next week and remember to subscribe to our podcast.  

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By the way….    What’s your favourite podcast show?

What’s your thoughts on using podcasts in real estate?

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