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Lisa B From The Real Estate Hotline – Interview with Dr Geraldine Teggelove – Live Radio Show –  Uploaded to Let’s talk about real estate with Lisa B – itunes podcast.

Hello everyone and welcome to Geraldine Teggelove live, yes I am Geraldine and I am so looking forward to sharing some more fabulous information and hints and tips and anything else that may help you to become a published author and enjoy the process.  

Yes.. Over the last few weeks I’ve been chatting with some wonderful and highly successful authors I might say, and asking them to share with us all their secrets around writing and publishing.   Believe me, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the previous shows in this series called publishing 101 and you’re thinking about writing a book, then may I urge you to do so.  Because if you want to step out with your published book in hand, the information that you get from these gorgeous ladies, is just amazing. So woohoo.   Just imagine how you will feel when your book becomes a reality.   

Now obviously there are ways of doing this that will be perfect for you.  Often though it’s figuring out what this perfect way looks like and it’s by listening to others that we can actually make informed choices and decisions and the authors that I’m chatting with during this series are sharing the most fantastic information, believe me.  And being totally open and honest and sharing with us what worked and what didn’t and to me it only makes sense that if we are going to go to all the effort of writing and publishing our unique book, then we need to gather as much of this information as we possibly can before we start the process.   So everyone…. I’m so excited because my guest today is the highly successful author Lisa B, now let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful lady.  

Lisa is a coach on demand, she’s a speaker, trainer and serial entrepreneur who has owned numerous businesses since 1995. Lisa is also a mum so she knows and understands the pressure that today’s world places on women,and their relationships both at work and in their day to day lives.  Now Lisa’s had a varied career combining her two passions.   Yes two.  One is her long career in real estate and the other is her passion that she studied simultaneously and lived through, which is the topic of masculine and feminine energy – which is really big in today’s world.  She’s written a number of books and has created online products, so might I suggest that we are in for a fabulous show today.   So without further ado as they say.. Welcome Lisa!

Thank you very much, I’m so happy to be here.  This is a topic I love speaking about – books and products and business – so… thank you so much for having me.

Oh it is my pleasure Lisa and you are sitting in sunny Brisbane, is that right?

On the Gold Coast and it is sunny –  it’s 13 degrees – we’re not used to that here – I’m cold!

My goodness Lisa I feel so sorry for you when we’re sitting in 6 degrees here.

Oh I know..  2 days ago it was 20 something,  so it’s a shock to our system – but we only get the cold weather for about 6 weeks or so, we are very lucky.

That’s great yes, well we’ll just kind of suffer on.  Look it’s where we choose to live so we have to put up with the consequences don’t we.


We have got so many things to talk to you about today and I hope you’re ready for it and you’ve had your Weet-Bix for breakfast. I have so many questions for you. I hope you don’t mind.

No, no I’m ready!   Like you said I really want to share what has really worked for me but also what hasn’t, because I did so much research before I published my books and so many things were conflicting and sometimes you really don’t know what the right thing is to do.  So I really want to share my experiences both good and also what I learnt.

That is just fantastic.  That Lisa, is exactly what I want to hear because yes what might be right for some, may not be right for others.  But I know today you are going to get the most amazing gems from Lisa that you can take with you.  When you’re contemplating all this, you can make informed decisions.

So Lisa could you start by sharing with our listeners some of the books that you’ve published, a little bit about those, so that we can get an idea of where you’re coming from please.

Sure, for  sure.  The first book that I was in was a compilation book.  My background is real estate.   So that was a compilation book that somebody else put together that I was invited to join, so that was with other successful real estate agents. That was a really good base and it gave me a good understanding of what being an author was like – also just seeing your name on the front cover of a book was such a great feeling.  Like..  I’ve finally got a book!   

So that was called Real Estate Millionaire and I thought once I did that,  I really want a book in my own name now.   I actually wrote a book 10 years prior and that was about masculine and feminine energy and that’s called Banish the Bitch and Bring out the Babe.

I love the title Lisa – It says it all.

Thank you.  It does!  It does!  I was very fortunate to have a lot to do with Tony Robbins and I joined his Platinum Partners program which was a very intimate program of only 50 people and we travelled the world with him for a year.  I think I spent 145 days of the year travelling, going to his seminars and it was amazing and that’s where I was introduced to the topic of masculine and feminine energy.  It really made me question everything about ME,  because I was so business focused – I had my real estate office – I had 10 staff and I was only focused on work and nothing else – that was it and I really sort of understood how I was in my masculine energy and I couldn’t switch off –  I didn’t have any balance and I thought if I kept this going the way that I was,  I would end up having a heart attack.   So I really investigated that and lived through that and I wrote my book as I was making my transition if you like,  from learning about masculine energy –  to how to tap back into my feminine energy and how to have balance in my life again.  

So that was something… and that’s what writing a book does as well,  when you’re writing down words and you think this is going to be published and other people are going to read these words – it has to be right.   You just can’t make off handed statements.  You write a sentence then you say – actually is that right?   You know… it gets you to really question things and to learn so much more about yourself and other people…  and to ask questions.

It really is part of the healing process isn’t it?

Oh it is, it is.  When I went to publish that book, I bought probably 10 books onself publishing because I thought I really want to self publish.  I really want to learn how to do this and I bought all these books and it just looked too hard.  So.. I put the book away for 10 years because it just looked too hard!   Seriously I just thought I don’t even know where to go with this, I just don’t know what to do with this. It’s too hard!   So I mean these days, it’s so much easier – you can upload it yourself online.  You can have ‘print on demand’ and all those sorts of things but I was overwhelmed and I think that’s what help me being in the compilation book, seeing that it isn’t as hard as what we can make it out to be.  That was kind of a blockage and that’s something I would like to say to everyone listening…  If you have got a book, just do it.   Don’t wait like I did for 10 years and put it aside… and it was only that somebody went to another Tony Robbins seminar and started talking about masculine and feminine energy and I said I actually wrote a book on that.  They said well I’d love to read it.  I said ok,  i will dig it up and I started reading it and I thought –  this is really good!

I love it.  

And then that inspired me to get it out there again and so you know, I’m really glad that they made those comments otherwise it would still be in the back of my computer somewhere.

And probably the great part about it a topic like that is Lisa –  is that truth is truth – it doesn’t matter what time we live in,  there is still that masculine and feminine energy.

Absolutely, absolutely and as I said,  I was so focused and so ‘in my head’ about everything that I didn’t let anyone in at all about anything.. It was awful and so yes it was really understanding  the balance and to understand that I can switch off, and you know,  be present where I am.. So that was a really an amazing realisation for me and I went to get books on the subject and I couldn’t find anything that would help me.  That’s why I knew I had to write my book, because there was nothing out there for me that would teach me what I needed to know – so that was my biggest drive,   to teach other women about this and get my message out there.

Fantastic Lisa and that book went really well didn’t it.

Oh yes, yes fantastic!   Better than I thought and I can go into that more a little bit later if you like.

Yes I’d love that.

It went better than I thought and I probably should have done other things with it which I can go into later.

The next book that I did was a book for my son actually, and that was a book where my mother actually wrote the book – (his grandmother)  so I did a book for them together.   

I’ll let you in on a little secret,  Lisa is absolutely brilliant at marketing and shortly we will have a discussion around Lisa’s way of publishing and I’m sure what she’ll share will be absolutely helpful and wonderful for you.

I’m sure you can already tell that Lisa certainly has the experience and the know how to help you overcome any obstacles that you might have standing between you and writing your own book.  

Lisa I’d love to hear about how you wrote a book with your son and then you had another book I think didn’t you?

Yes yes

Let’s hear about those

My mother wrote a book for my nieces and nephews about 25 years ago and when she died about 12 years ago, on her deathbed I promised her that I would publish her book for her.  Then when I published my book Banish the Bitch and Bring out the Babe, my son asked if he could write a book too.   I thought that’s a great idea and I thought I’ve got just the right book for him, so we did my mum’s poem.  My son contributed to the pictures,  he was with me with the design process and all that sort of thing, so now he has a published book with my mum.   So now he can call himself a published author at 9 years old. Timothy John and The Big Green Dinosaur.

Wow what an experience!  

It’s great because if he says to me, mum, I want to buy this….. I say well how many books have you sold?   Go out there and sell some books.   So I’m trying to teach him as a business as well, that he can make money whenever he wants to.  He’s got a product there, he’s got a website and he can do the marketing onYouTube, he can do whatever he likes.  I’ve loved teaching him about business at the same time, which has been great and it’s a legacy.   He never got to meet his grandparents so that’s something now that connects him with his grandmother and it makes me nearly cry every time I think about it,  but it’s something lovely for them to have together.

Then the next book is one that I’m just about to launch –  that’s called Secret Agents and that book is about online marketing which as you said before I just love marketing and that’s what I’m really really good at.  It’s something that comes naturally to me in lots of ways,  but it’s something that I’ve also studied a lot as well.  So Secret Agents is going to be launched very soon and that particular book is going to be more a lead in to my business which is the hotline business, which is the coach on demand business.  So I coach real estate agents on demand, they can ring me or email me if they’ve got objections or anything like that,  in the real estate field and I help them through those objections.  So this book is more like a lead in to my other business – it’s not like something I’m going to actively want to make the book a business in itself, which I can go into later –  it’s not my main business – so the book leads customers to my main business.

And I think that’s a great way of looking at your book because you know, being able to use that book as your business card, or calling card and as lisa said… as a lead into the other part of your business – it gives you so much credibility – so that’s fabulous  – but Lisa we will going to that a little later,  but before we get to your marketing which I can’t wait to hear myself because when they were handing out marketing skills Lisa,  I think they missed me in the line up most definitely.  

I can help you.

Good!! So I’d love to hear from you though before we get to that,  a little bit about your own personal experiences in the world of publishing and what worked and what didn’t, so perhaps if we start there.

Sure, I don’t have any sort of negative experiences with publishing, I’ve really just got learnings.  I’ve got things that I’ve thought oh wow,  I probably should have done that a little bit different but that’s the way you learn.  Or listening to others who have done what you want to do.  

Having a book is just such an amazing achievement and it’s something that you look back and you think wow,  I’ve got this book and people acknowledge you for that and I think it’s something that I’d love to see everybody write a book.  Everybody’s got a story, whether it’s about their work, their business, their life.   I just think it’s such an amazing thing to do, but I have only ever self published and that’s only because… I’m probably not lazy,  I wouldn’t say lazy,  but probably impatient is what I would call myself, because if you want to get your book published,  that involves….., if I was going to get a book published – I would get an agent, I would get somebody who was going to go in and fight for me to publish and all that sort of thing,  but I was too impatient because I just wanted to get it out there and I wanted to get onto the next thing.   

I’m with you there Lisa, definitely with you on that one.  

And the other thing is that you don’t know if your book is going to be successful – you really don’t and it’s not until you’ve actually published it or you get people to read it and you get proper feedback that you think ohhhhh  this probably would have went well with the publisher –  you know they say writing a book is like a comedian who tells a joke and and has to wait two years to see if it’s funny. It’s like writing a book – you write a book and you’ve got to wait all this time to see if anybody likes it.   That’s something that you don’t know until you get it out there,  so probably if I wasn’t so impatient, I would have loved to have got an agent for Banish The Bitch.  I would have really focused on that,  but I didn’t really want to make the time to do that. I wish I could have, for people out there that have got a great book,  you know it,  you believe it,  people have read it and loved it,  it’s worth taking the time to do that..  I was just too impatient to get out there.

A lot really depends Lisa and I’m not sure if you think like this too Lisa, it depends on what you want for your book.  Do you want your book to be standalone and successful or do you want it to be part of a bigger picture?  

And that was my next thing, with Banish I would have taken the time, if I would have been more patient, that’s something I would have done,  But for my next book Secret Agents, no.. I don’t have any intention of wanting to get that with a publisher.   It’s a lead in to my business,  which is something – a business card,  it’s my introduction, it’s my values, it’s my information that when real estate agents read it, they’re going to want to know more.  And then I’ve got my online course, I’ve got my coaching and all of those other things that I’ve got and can provide and help them with.   That is my lead in,  so it’s really two types of books and two different things – it’s completely different.

Yes understand completely –  and so I guess you followed your own rules and all that sort of thing as you went through it.

Yes and all my marketing all that sort of thing, and some of the things that didn’t work for me was…  do you know fiverr,  so when I first went to do my book I got a mockup cover on fivver and it was hideous and I persisted. It was hideous, hideous, hideous.. I just didn’t like any of them, and I thought this is ridiculous and I ended up getting a professional to do the book cover, which your book cover is everything.   And also, so  is the internal of your book.   I went to do it on fivver and it was just like a bad word document – You want to prevent your book as lovely as you can and my books I’m just so proud of how the lady I ended up getting has presented my book.  It’s just beautiful – you open up the book and it’s just lovely.. so much more attractive than a word document and that’s what I would have had if I’d of gone with the fiverr option.    I’m sure there are good ones out there on fiverr, but I just think don’t skimp on the quality of your book and don’t skimp on the cover and the layout  – it’s got to be good and it’s got to be attractive.  

And you’re representing you.  This is really representing you in the world of business and in the professional world, so I completely understand Lisa,  If you pick up something,  you want it to really be a reflection of you – so most definitely.

Absolutely, then the other things that I learnt was about publishing the books itself, so I’ve got my books on Ingram Sparks which is print on demand, so you can order your books in bulk, you can order 100 copies or 500 copies – or you can go on and order one copy. It’s print on demand – so that was something I preferred to have control of.  

There are some people that publish books and they can get a really cheap price say in China or something and they can get them at  a couple of dollars a book and it’s a lot cheaper but you have to buy in bulk.   So you might have to get 1000 books and they’re in your bedroom until you sell them or get rid of them.   You might get a cheaper deal at the time, but the problem happens when you need to change something.  I’ve changed my book already –  soooo many times.  I’ve put a sentence in that I’ve thought no…..,  I want to take that one out or change it. I’ve got the capability and the control of doing that with the way that I’ve got it now on Ingram Sparks and Amazon.   If there’s something I want to change I can.   For example if I want to change the cover I can.   I can change whatever I want  –  I don’t think oh I can’t… I’ve got a thousand books in my back bedroom that are now wrong.   It’s something that you can change, you can adjust you can add to it and I found that it’s a lot better for me.  Even though it might cost more, you’ve got more control.

Yes and look I know having a bit to do with publishing houses and things for me that was the defining moment that I wanted this book to be me,  not just fitting into a certain genre that the publishing house decided would be best.    So I totally see where you are coming from Lisa,  to be able to have that control to do with your book what you want to do.. You can change things up and change things around  – is wonderful.

Lisa and I’ll give you a little time to think about this –  I’d really like to know about Marketing – because so many marketing companies out there offer you the world and then end up giving you nothing basically.  Being honest here…  so really interested to hear from the best in the business about how to go about marketing.  

If you have just joined us,  this is the 5th show in this series called publishing 101 and today international best selling author Lisa B is sharing her expertise with us and what fabulous information it is. I think I mentioned on last weeks show, I would have given anything to have had other authors tell me what worked and what didn’t before I stepped into the publishing arena.   Now if you’ve found this information extremely helpful,  and you would like to and if you’d like to listen to the complete series, you can download them for free from iTunes.  Just search Geraldine Teggelove Live podcast or you can go to to listen and download from my show page. You can also find them on my website at – so lots of places you can go, where you can go back and listen to what certain authors have told you.  Now Lisa,  we’ve got some big things to get into here but so i don’t forget,  because I get carried away here on these interviews sometimes – I’d love to know Lisa where we can actually find your books and where we can find you – have you got particular places that you could give to us.  

Sure there’s my website which is

That’s not a hard one except for the .au on the end  – everyone  – in Australia we have dot com dot au.  

And a good one to follow me on his Instagram as well,  because people that are looking to market their book – I’m just about to launch a new book say in the next week or two – It will be beneficial for your listeners to see what I do there and how I go about marketing on Instagram.  

I find Instagram really good and I’ll explain what I do with that but my Instagram account is

lisab_ therealestatehotline_   That would be where they can get some real life book marketing examples from.   

Fantastic Lisa,  that sounds wonderful and I will put that on my show page and on my website everyone so,  if you haven’t got your pen handy you’ll be able to find them – and the website is an easy one –  

So Lisa let’s get into the whole marketing side of things and how you went about all of that.

Ok well I repurpose everything.  So, everything I do,  I think of another way that I can put it out there.  Whether it’s a blog post,  whether it’s a video..  whatever it is… if I’ve got one piece of content I look for where I can put that – on 10 different avenues.  Or where  I can use that one piece of content 10 times.  So that’s what I’m always looking at.  

I just don’t do one thing and then put it away –  it’s how can i compile it.  If I do a video, then I’ll do a compilation video – I’m getting a little bit of head of myself but it’s using all of the avenues for you.  So I have a podcast, so I can have all of my content on the podcast – so I’m speaking to people or if I’m doing interviews or I’m just doing a tutorial or something –  I’ve got the podcast.  From from that podcast,  I can do a transcript of it, which becomes a blog post, which becomes a post on my social media channels –  so for one thing and one podcast –  I’m looking for how I can put that in many different ways.   So with the podcast,  I always also do a video. So one podcast I’ve now got into 4 different mediums and then on all of the different things put onto Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,  Instagram, my website,  YouTube… everything!! So the podcast is one where it’s a great thing to repurpose into many different ways so that’s one thing is a podcast… so then obviously you’ve got the book which your marketing.. and telling people you’ve got the book… and putting photos everywhere of your book and create a hype on Facebook about your book coming up…You know getting interaction and asking people what cover looks best A, B or C?   Getting people interested in and knowing that your book is coming out, so that’s a good thing as well and as I said your blog – so you’re promoting yourself through your blog,  your promoting your book through your blog,  whichever way you want to do that…  you’ve got the blog,  you’ve got the videos so YouTube – YouTube videos.  

Can I interrupt there please Lisa, so when you say your YouTube videos, are you talking about the book or are you explaining what the books about… what are you doing there?

Anything.  Anything.

As I said, from the podcast I make a video.  It could be tutorials it could be anything.

It could be something you’ve mentioned in the book, it could be information, it could be advertisements for the book, it could be…. geez I’ve got so many different kinds of videos.  A friend of mine wrote a song and so now I have a song that is my ‘books song’ so now I’ve got a dedicated song for my book  – a theme song.   So that’s one of my videos as well and then you’ve got your website which is where you are promoting your book all through your website – so you’ve got… and with your book, you can have your opt in on your website,  you can have either a free audiobook as an opt-in, so that you’re collecting your list..  so there’s lots of things you can do,  or you can offer say two or three three chapters of your book as an opt-in –  so again you’re collecting a list of people that you can then market too if they haven’t bought your book –  you can market to them about different things or if you’re up selling to something else.  Then say Instagram, you’ve got photos and memes and things like that but you can do,  because it’s not always about just promoting your book – you don’t want to be going out there – my book,  my book,  my book, my book – people are going to get sick of you an unsubscribe –  so it’s all about giving information and giving content and showing them who you are – and getting the like know and trust factor from people – is a massive thing as well so it’s not always about the book –  it’s also about other things that you’re doing that they can relate to – it’s about teaching them something.  

And it is a lot about creating that trust isn’t it, because people these days want to be able to trust you before they will buy from you or connect to you.

Big time.   Big time.  Because with the online world, you don’t know who’s genuine and who’s not – it’s an awful thing to say but who is really doing what they say they’re doing? If you’re following someone and sometimes I follow someone for 12 months before I really think – these people are somebody that I want to learn from and I want to buy their product – it might take you that long to really build that trust of somebody – so you know I think it’s important to show people who you are and what your beliefs are as well as your products.

And then social media is just amazing for promoting your book from Facebook,  LinkedIn,  Twitter, Instagram…  I try not to go to spread myself too thin on those mediums because otherwise you can be a master of none.

I was going to say do you follow the the advice of sticking to one or two big time and really see what works for you which one works best for you is that what you do Lisa?

Yes definitely,  I find Facebook really works for me.  I have Facebook groups and they are fantastic – they’re like private real estate groups which I just love!  The are very interactive and I get a lot of comments and questions and that’s amazing.  I really love that and just my personal Facebook page as well.  

I have a lot of real estate agents that I connect with there because my main focus is real estate with my business,  so my personal Facebook page is something that gives me a lot of clients. People get to see what you’re like and relate to you and things like that –  LinkedIn I don’t use a lot even though I do have a lot of followers and I do get a lot of business from there, I don’t post a lot on there. I have got my profile on there and i’ve got a lot about myself which people then will look up.  Linkedin is like a resume-  I treat Linkedin a little bit like a resume – but if you are doing  business-to-business a lot of people do really love LinkedIn.  Twitter I don’t do a lot but what I put on my Facebook business page goes automatically on to Twitter – so I’ve got a presence on there but it’s not something that I focus on.  Instagram I love.   I absolutely love Instagram and I do get a lot of business from Instagram as well – so my two favorites are Facebook and Instagram and that’s what works for me.

And if they’d stop changing all the algorithms Lisa,  it would make it a lot easier wouldn’t it.

I know and that’s why Instagram is great now, so get in and use it before they do change of the algorithms again.  Because Facebook –  I had a Facebook page which went really well and I got a lot of interaction and then one day it just switched off – it was like Facebook unless you were buying ads – it just went off and so then I started a group – a Facebook group which is really working for me.  

So you’re testing out things to see what is going to work best for you,  is that right Lisa?

Yes for sure. I found because my market and my clients are real estate agents and  we talk about problems that we’ve had in real estate with clients, or getting deals together or whatever it maybe, so it needed to be in a group – because they’re not going to share something like that on a public page. So if you’re dealing with something where people and not going to want to share publicly,  then maybe a group might be a better option and that’s what I found.  I tried really hard with my pages to get interaction and I was thinking why isn’t this going as well as what I thought.. and then it clicked.  It’s really something you have to test.  The groups work for me for a lot better.  You can discuss what they’re comfortable with and what they’re comfortable sharing. Keep an eye on what’s working and what doesn’t – if it doesn’t work,  there’s got to be a reason.

Lisa if you have some more information about marketing, that would be fantastic.

I mean to say what would life be like if we didn’t have books to read.  I don’t know about you or Lisa but for me I’m sure I couldn’t survive. It just wouldn’t happen, all that wonderful information, inspiration and everything else that I couldn’t lay my hands on and the learnings that would never take place.  I really just don’t want to think about it. I’m sure you’ll agree Lisa wouldn’t you.  

Oh for sure. As they say it’s like a University on Wheels for audio books –  that’s my university on Wheels – my books.  I find Audible just amazing.  Being busy I want to read and I don’t get the time to read a physical book,  so for me the audible books are just amazing and when I do get the chance to sit down and read a book I just love it.   I mean there’s nothing like reading a physical book.

So have you turned your book into an audible book yet Lisa?

Yes, I haven’t done audible only because apparently Australians we’re not allowed to have audible yet,  so it’s something that I’ve looked into having someone else read it out for me on audible – it has to be an American citizen with an American bank account – so I’ve actually read my book out and I’ve got it as an audio, but I’ve just got it on my website, housed on my website. So on my website people can opt in to get my audiobook free.  That’s my lead ins.  So I haven’t done it perfect but it’s like,  I’m not going to let perfect get in the way of getting it done.  I just wanted to have my audiobook there and it’s there and I’ll look at upgrading that later and whatever..  it was just something I wanted to have there if people are busy and they can’t read a physical book.

And that’s why I love podcasting because you can listen to it no matter where you are. You can be driving along in the car and I travel some fairly big distances and it’s just so fabulous to have it so everyone remember Lisa has told you a number of times you can go to her website and opt in to listen to her book.  So I think  I’ll be doing that as well.

It’s such a fabulous offer Lisa,

Well in saying that, my book is all about how to position yourself as the expert –  now it is tailored to real estate agents but it really is for any business.  So anybody listening to this will actually get a lot out of that book because it’s marketing 101 – it’s everything from social media to video marketing to…  it’s everything marketing-  the book is actually marketing.

Lisa I’m just stunned, you are offering this for free on your website and that was going to be one of my questions…  is your book, you know what you’re offering… can we kind of transpose that into any other business that we might be running and obviously we can.

I read a book about 25 years ago and it was called benchmarking and it was a book about how business strategies.   It was looking at businesses similar to your own and looking at what they’re doing and looking at what you’re doing and can you put any of the procedures into your business?  

That was something I did,  I was in real estate and I looked at a travel agent and I thought it’s kind of a little bit similar..  not really but kind of and I looked at some of the procedures they did and it really made me look at my business and business models in general so that was my first experience of really looking at business models and that was something when I study Internet marketing and I spent a fortune on online courses.  The best online marketers and read books and did everything with the vision of how can I apply this into real estate – so I watch what Frank Kern did with his clients and thought how can a real estate agent do this with their clients?  How can a real estate agent do what they’re doing.. to make it successful and so I had a real estate office at the time and so I did all of those things.  I did the free books I did video marketing.  Everything the online marketers were doing that was successful and put it into my real estate office and then real estate agents started ringing me and asking me… how do I do this and how do I do that and why did you do this?   So then I thought wow, I’ve got to create an online product, I’ve got to write a book.  There’s a market here because people don’t know how to do this.

I’ve sort of taken it for granted in lots of ways but I’ve also learnt it.  So…  I put all the information into a step by step process.   My book is actually a checklist – it’s got boxes that you can check off –  you can say yes I’ve done this or you can come back and do it later.  

It explains what to do,  it explains why you need to do it and as I said you can check it off.   

So it really is everything I know about marketing – and you can put that into your own business as far as taking it and running with it – so then you can say you have your book – think how do I then take that and cross it over into my business and that’s a question we should always be asking. If a business is successful what can I do to make my business just as successful as theirs?  

That is just fantastic Lisa and I understand completely, to be able to take all that information and put into your own business – regardless of what business you’re in. There will definitely be 90% of what Lisa is explaining and teaching you in her book that you can bring into your own business.  

So my suggestion is that you go to and have a look at that book.  

Now Lisa time is just ticking down.

Geraldine – It’s gone so quick!

Time just goes so quick when girls get together to chat.

I was just going to say….. some of the things that I would like to say to people is that as I said….  I waited 10 years to publish my book and I just can’t believe that I put it away for that long and did nothing with it,  so I would  just like to say, get it back out if you put a book away – get it back out have a look at it –  make some changes, adjust and whatever –  if you haven’t written a book a big tip that I can give is Google Drive/ Google Docs –  that’s how I’ve written all of my books – I’ve just got my Google App – opened a Google document on my phone it’s also synced with my phone and my computer.  

Then I came up with my title – I’ve got  my title page on my Google Docs then  I separated each into chapters –  chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3,  Chapter 4.  I worked out kind of the flow of the book of what I wanted to say –  The introduction,  the different lead ins of how your book is going to be organised.  Then each chapter you write those headings at the front of the chapter and then wherever you are.  you can start to write your book.   My son does karate and for 5 hours a week while  he’s at karate and I’m watching him, I get onto my phone or computer and start writing my book – while I’m watching my son do karate.  Or while I’m waiting for an appointment or if someone’s 10 minute late.  I will just go in and write my book.   You don’t get writer’s block that way,  you’re actually organising as you go and the great thing about Google Docs is that you can talk into it and do speech to text.  So you can press a button and you can just talk and the book writes for you.  Google Docs writes it for you, so you don’t even have to type it in.  

Technology is just amazing isn’t it, so many things that we can do, so there’s no excuse really is what you’re saying.

Another little tip that you can do, is once you have a podcast you can play that podcast back into your Google Docs and it can transcribe it for you.  You might have to make a few little changes but you can do your own transcripts.  Does that make sense?


It is so fantastic because otherwise what you have to do is listen to a bit of the recording,  stop and then listen to a bit more – you just play the audio into your Google Docs and it types it all out – and you have your transcript.

So… just create a Google Docs and start writing – you might see something else that gives you inspiration,  something that you can write about, or a link to a website that somebody tells you about that is similar to your book –  put it in that document.  Put everything in that document and then you can go back and research – it’s such a great way of doing it. I just absolutely love Google Docs.   I do everything on Google Docs. Everything is so easy to find –  you can put photos,  videos and all sorts of different things in there and it’s your book!!  It’s your focus when you log on!

And I love the idea that you can do all that when you’re out and about and because a lot of the time you’re inspired when you’re out and about – ideas come to us at the most inconvenient times so we can actually go in, or even just record those ideas on your phone.  I quite often do that too, just press record on my phone and I’m chatting away and people just think you’re on the phone so that’s ok.

Now Lisa,  it’s time for us to finish the show.  We are counting down here.   So Lisa I wanted thank you so much for being with us today.  It has just been fantastic and so much information in such a short amount of time.  I really appreciate your time,  effort and energy for being here so thank you.

It just went so quick I can’t believe it!

Time Goes fast when you’re having fun.

Everybody you can visit Geraldine Teggelove Live for the recording of this week’s show and we’ll be getting it out there so you won’t miss it.

I’m the meantime,  a million blessings of Peace, Love and wonderful success.

Bye for now by Lisa.

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