Amazon Alexia Real Estate Market Place

Amazon Market Place in Real Estate – Alexa will analytically choose the BEST real estate agent…

Amazon is entering real estate

And it IS SCARY.


We have another HUGE interceptor on its way.

We have many interceptors now (thats my new word!!).

Websites and technology that intercept our future client before they call us.

There are many LEAD GENERATION sites that intercept your lead from potentially calling you.

Here is yet another example. It’s on it’s way.

Owners will no longer have to do the research to find out who the best agent in their area is.

As reported in the Financial Review…

“Amazon is launching a real estate agent referral service in its home market place.This means customers can get quotes and referrals from Amazon for real estate agents just as they get for electricians, plumbers and others.In the US, this will allow someone to ask their computer device Amazon Echo (Alexa) to make appointments with the top agents in their area. Not using a web site or even a mobile phone, just talking to the device in their home.With many tens of millions of Echos already in homes in the US, and shortly coming here, customers will literally be able to say: “Alexa, find me good local agents in my area who have sold the most properties like mine at the best prices.”

It’s probably most scary for real estate agents that are not working on building their online profile.

Why is it scary?

We have been abdicating the ability to think for years. We ask for advice online – We ask for social proof.

We ask Alexa and Siri to make decisions for us.

Now.. this is the future of real estate decisions.

So let’s think about this.. A family are sitting in their lounge room and they are considering selling their home. They ask Alexa – ‘Who is the best agent in my area?’ Alexa will have a set of algorithms to choose the best agent.

It may go something like this –
How many sales has the agent made?
How many listings does the real estate agent have?
Are they on page one of google?

How big is the agents profile?
Has the agent won any awards?
Do they provide up to date information?
Who is the agent associated with online? – Industry experts? Local businesses?

It will also go into a lot more detail – details that we don’t even want to think about.

What is the financial reviews advice?

‘Embracing an understanding of what it is, having the data to validate that you are effective, benchmarking yourself against the competition, then marketing yourself on your strengths will prepare you for its arrival’.

If you wish to take the advice of the financial review – prepare now!

Begin to build you online profile NOW!

real estate amazon market place

Whether you choose to do this with me or someone else just do it.

I can offer you assistance – MY 10 week course is EVERYTHING you need to know about building your online profile and your online credibility. Many many things that Alexa will consider.

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