#8: Gary Vee Business Squared Seminar

Business squared seminar.

Gary Vee –

JT Foxx –

Jodie Fox –

Janine Allis

Firstly consider how can you apply any of these things to real estate.

Jt Foxx

Build 2 brands.  A personal and business brand.  

At first, people say you’re lucky then when you become successful they ask you to coach them for free.

Media gives you credibility.  
Get into the media.  Newspapers. Real magazine.  
Become THE authority.  

The fastest growing market is women.  
How can you tap into that?  

How can you create new businesses?  

Gary Vee

A positive mindset works.   

Create a foundation for your online presence. It’s your stability.    Build your brand.   Work on your confidence.  

Your phone is the remote control to life.   Gary would rather be knifed and his wallet stolen than his phone stolen.

These days nothing is more important than your phone!!

Get attention first.  

Then tell them.   Communicate in a compelling way to get what you want.

Where are they?   

Do what you’re great at – outsource what you’re not.

Do podcasts.  Everyone is listening to audio.  

There are less videos being watched.   

Everything is going the way of voice activated.   

Alexa etc.  In your houses. Etc.   Turn on electricity.  Who is best agent. Etc.   Think voice.
Have an audio strategy behind your business.  

People get a little bit of success and they think they’re somebody.  Be humble.

What to focus on?

Do Facebook ads.   Do Instagram ads.   Why?   
Because huge companies are still spending millions on tv ads etc. The time is coming when they will spend the money on Facebook etc. It will be too dear soon.   It’s cheap now.  Google adwords too.

Learn Facebook ads. Make it your mission.

Get to know your influencers.    Ask them to help you.  Private message them.  Ask them.   Don’t think you’re too good.

Produce loads of content now.  Set up marketing strategies.   Use Facebook and Instagram ads.  

Chase people’s attention.  

Remember this is hard work!!

If you’re good.  Don’t worry about the camera. Remember your intention.  Help people.

It’s fun when people don’t like you.   Then it’s more fun when you convert people to liking you.

Give people your best advice for free.   Doing that will attract the right people to you.   

Jodie fox.  Shoes of prey

Keep asking the question.  

Wouldn’t it be cool if…..  that’s where you will innovate and create.  

Don’t let your expertise get in the way of a good idea.  

Put your customers first.   

What are your customers complaining about.  Say wouldn’t it be cool if…….  

Fail fast – throw everything into it.  

As a business owner if you fire someone you may upset that person.   But you were probably a great business person.

Have determination and a dash of arrogance.

Watch your google analytics.   What’s happening on your website.   Analyse all your stats.    Know what’s happening before it happens.  

The future.   She creates shoes to order.    You create a shoe exactly how you want it.    The future?    3D printers.   Print a shoe.  Print clothes.   

Do things before you’re ready.  Don’t wait.  

Follow one course until successful.  

Janine Allis

Your brand is built one customer at a time.

Thinking about Elon Musk and the future of power – will petrol stations will be a thing of the past?

What made you successful in the past won’t in the future.  

These are the main points I got out of the business squared seminar.

Think how these apply to your business.

I’m Lisa B –  Your real estate coach on demand.  

Thank you for listening.  

If you I can help you in your real estate career.  Please reach out.  

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