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Lisa B


Do you want a real estate coach?


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Coaching is what I do!

Firstly I would like to mention something…  

Some people say that trainers and coaches train or coach because they CAN’T DO.

Whilst that may be the case with some….

I’ve had a very successful career in real estate for many, many years.

So…. you can be rest assured –

I’ve not only DONE IT –  I’m STILL DOING it!   

And before I delve into my real estate experience..

I just want to let you know about some of the amazing information that I have access to…

I call it ‘My Vault’

Over my 20 plus years in real estate, every single time I’ve heard a great line.. something that would help an agent beat an objection..

I recorded it.

I can assure you…… so much of it is pure GOLD.  

Some of these one liners, scripts and dialogues can help you to win back listings when you may have felt it was gone.

So you can have peace of mind that I know what I’m talking about, I will now explain how I can help you improve your results…

Here’s a little bit about me – My experience and my career.

This will also help to assure you that I am more than qualified to help YOU.

I started in Real Estate in 1993.

I bought my own Ray White office in my early 20’s.    

I won many awards for sales with Ray White Real Estate as well as numerous marketing awards.  (I will try to find some pictures from one of the trips I won on the Ray White Real Estate Boat – The Mantaray.  Now that was a great time!)  

I won many listing awards through EAC achieving 150 listings and above in 12 month period.

I can help you with objections to Auctions, Open Houses and VPA (Vendor Paid Advertising)

AND virtually any other objection that someone can throw at you.  And.. If you come up with something out of the ordinary we haven’t heard before,  don’t worry… we will do our best to work it out.  

After having the Ray White office,  I changed to an independent office  – I then began operating under my own name and my own brand.

So… I can help you whether you are in a franchise or an independent office – or if you are looking at changing to either.

I have experience with the Jenman System as I also owned a Jenman Approved Office.

I can help with objections on either side of the equation.  

I have owned my own successful real estate offices in regional areas as well as in Sydney.  Some of those offices were opened from start up.

I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent  – Diploma 

I am a Justice of the Peace

I am the host of –

I am the Admin on the Facebook Pages –


Because I have always been fascinated by the human mind and what motivates people….  I studied Psychology for a year at University before deciding to study different methods of motivation.

I then became a Qualified NLP Master Practitioner

And an Accredited Life Coach

In 1994 I became heavily involved with Tony Robbins travelling the world with him for years at his seminars and I was also a member of his exclusive Platinum Partners Group.  

I have literally read hundreds of books on sales, marketing, leadership and self help.  I am always studying something to do with business.  I have attended many many real estate and business seminars.

I also completed one year of the valuers course.

I have had my own columns in The Sold Magazine and Elite Agent Magazine and I have been featured in many other real estate publications.

I have spoken at many business, marketing and real estate events.  I also run my own events.  

I am an industry reporter for  EAC – (Estate Agents Co-operative).

I have written a number of books and created a lot of online products –

Author – Secret Agents

Author – Banish The Bitch – International Best seller

Creator – Dominate The Internet online course

Creator – Real Estate Marketing Academy online course

Creator – Real Estate Video Domination online course

Creator – The Boardroom Series – online course

I was also featured in the book Real Estate Millionaire – Best seller

If you are interested in publishing a book – I can help.

If you are interested in having your own podcast show – I can help.   

Where am I based?

I live in Queensland (on the Gold Coast)  in Australia and I love it!  

After having my son, I changed my lifestyle so that I could work remotely from wherever we are in the world. So the last few years I have been flat out working in my consulting and training business coaching real estate agents.  

I also own my own online marketing and branding business so…..

I can help you with all forms of marketing – offline and online

I can help you with personal branding and office branding

I can help you with marketing strategies.

I know I can help you because….…. sometimes when you’re in the forest.. It’s hard to see for the trees.   

I’m here to help you find the right path again.

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