#4: Lisa B From The Real Estate Hotline – Interview with Dr Geraldine Teggelove – Live Radio Show

The Real Estate Hotline Lisa B From The Real Estate Hotline – Interview with Dr Geraldine Teggelove – Live Radio Show –  Uploaded to Let’s talk about real estate with Lisa B – itunes podcast. Hello everyone and welcome to Geraldine Teggelove live, yes I am Geraldine and I am so looking forward to sharing some more fabulous information and hints and tips and anything else that may help you to become a published author and enjoy the process.   Yes.. Over the last few weeks I’ve been chatting with some wonderful and highly successful authors I might say, and asking them to share with us all their secrets around writing and publishing.   Believe me, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the…

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#3: Website Hacks for real estate

How to build a massive profile using your personal website Your website is the foundation for your real estate career. Your website is the control centre of your profile. Your website is you.. My advice is to have a personally branded website as soon as you can.  What I mean by that  is a website in your own personal name. Because..  Your online profile is your online resume.   It’s what people will search to find out more about you. What should you have on your Personal Website? Remember this website is about you!   Not the company or the properties you sell… as such… So… the keywords need to be about you, real estate and your prospecting area/farm area. Things you should have on your…

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#2: Hack your real estate reputation with podcasts

Hack your reputation and real estate career by becoming famous in your area Create your own podcast show – Why should you as a real estate agent host a podcast show? What the heck would you even talk about? Why would anyone even want to listen to what you have to say? All of this will be answered…. Sooooo.. We all know that to be successful in real estate you have to list.  To be a good agent you have to ‘list to last’. Because   You have to have stock to sell.. If you can list, you will always have plenty to sell.  Listing amongst a few other things is what really sets agents apart.   We all know that an easy way to…

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#1: Who am I and what have I done

Today I wanted to give you my background – to let you know my experience both in real estate and the online world.   So….  I want to let you know who I am and what i ve done before you listen to anything i have to say. Mainly to make sure we are a good fit. I started in Real Estate in the early 1990’s and I started working for a franchise before buying the business when I was about 23.  I was only in real estate for about 9 months when i took the plunge and bought the business..  I remember most people thought i would fail.  I knew I wouldn’t.  I was too determined.  I was going to make it work no…

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